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The most beautiful jewellery from the 2022 Cannes Film Festival

beautiful jewellery

With the 2022 Cannes Film Festival now well underway, the stars have been going all out and accessorising their couture gowns with a dazzling array of gemstones to walk the red carpet.

As befits the glamorous scenery of the French Riviera, decadent earrings and necklaces have been the order of the day, with eye-catching diamonds, emeralds and rubies all ensuring their wearers a place in the spotlight. Here, we round up the very best jewellery looks from the festival so far.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid wore sparkling diamond droplet earrings and a cocktail ring, both by Chopard, on the red carpet – the perfect accompaniments to her white vintage Gucci dress.

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell debuted Bulgari’s new ‘Serpenti Ocean Treasure’ necklace at Cannes. Designed as a tribute to the natural elements, the piece features an exceptional 61,30 carat drop-shaped sapphire from Sri Lanka, hanging from the mouth of a coiled snake.

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger

Diane Kruger dressed up her high-neck dress with an artistic Chaumet necklace. The ‘Ondulation’ neckpiece was paired with a matching bracelet and ring.

Chopard Jewelry

Our 3 Favorite Best Luxury Jewelry Brands

Luxury Jewelry

When it comes to the best luxury jewelry brands, luxury goods & jewelry brands like Cartier, Chopard, or Mauboussin surely steal the spotlight. There are so many things one can wish for in life, but owning the most luxurious jewelry brands sits at the top. In your luxury jewelry box, for all the big occasions, it can be very heartwarming to own pieces from French or Spanish jewelry brands. But, what really makes a must have jewelry brand, I hear you ask? The craftsmanship. The selection and the sourcing of the most precious and sustainable metals and gemstones. The acute attention to detail, above all, makes the best luxury jewelry brands what they are today.

Our 3 favorite jewelry brands: Luxury

Brands like Cartier belong to the most luxurious jewelry brands because of their attention to intricate details and designs. Whether we’re talking about Spanish, French, or any other kind of luxury goods & jewelry, we all know it’s very crucial to craft the most flawless pieces. Because then, when people ask “Is Cartier a good brand?”, one can effortlessly answer: “Yes, and it is a must have jewelry brand because of its unique style and unforgettable craftsmanship.” So, dive in to discover the best luxury jewelry brands with us today!

1. Verdura: Artistic Luxury Jewelry Brand


Verdura is one of the most famous French jewelry brands. It was founded by a duke, the Duke Fulco di Verdura at the end of the 1930s in Paris. However, he had already begun his career in the 20s since he was the one who designed the Iconic maltese cross cuffs branded by Coco Chanel.

Verdura is one of the best luxury jewelry brand names because of its attention to detail and consistency and quality of its pieces. It is also one of the best luxury jewelry brands that have been worn around the world by stars like Greta Garbo, Marlene Dietrich, Coco Chanel, and Diana Vreeland. As far as French luxury jewelry brands go, Verdura is very much the best option on any occasion.

2. The Best Luxury Jewelry Brands: Cartier


Is Cartier a good brand? Sometimes, with all the fuss that surrounds luxury jewelry brand names, it can be hard to understand if indeed brands like Cartier deserve their status as the most luxurious jewelry brands. As far as French luxury jewelry brands go, Cartier and his amazing work of platinum and detailed designs, is a true must have jewelry brand.

We must never forget that aside from the luxury jewelry brand names, in jewelry, it is the quality of the gemstone, of the material, sourced, and the cleanliness of the cut that make the most famous French jewelry brands as well as German, American, or Spanish.

3. Chopard


Chopard is one of the most luxurious jewelry brands in the world. It is a Swiss company founded in 1860, which makes it one of the oldest luxury goods & jewelry brands. Not only does the company create exquisite jewelry, but its Swiss watches have also included in its customers Tsar Nicholas 2 of Russia.

Louise-Ulysse Chopard started his quest of the world at the tender age of 24. With innovation and smart designs, his reputation did not take long to build as one of the best luxury jewelry brands. Chopard is minimalist, tender, and cute, with designs blended with elegance at the same time.

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Chopard Jewelry

Chopard Loves Cinema: Up Close and Personal with New High Jewellery


Last week, the most glamorous fashion icons, actors, musicians and countless other celebrities from around the world descended upon the south of France for the annual Cannes Film Festival, a time-honoured tradition, built on years of cinematic history. Amongst the crème de la crème of Hollywood parties, red carpet premieres and screenings that took place during the 75th edition of this world-famous event, one of the most memorable was the exclusive preview and joint press presentation with the Festival’s partner, Chopard.

was fortunate enough to be invited to interview the Co-President and Creative Director of Chopard, Caroline Scheufele about the maison’s latest high jewellery chapter – Chopard Loves Cinema. I started on the rooftop terrace at the Hôtel Martinez admiring the panoramic backdrop of La Croisette, the bay of Cannes and the Palais des Festivals, before entering the presentation room full of resplendent jewels. Now, this is where the fun really began!

chopard rooftop

Around 100 guests, mostly from Asia who sadly couldn’t attend Cannes in person, joined me and Ms Scheufele over Zoom to dissect the brand’s novelties that pay homage to the cinematic world. Chopard Loves Cinema is composed of 75 high jewellery pieces (each year the number of jewels represents the ‘age’ of the Festival, next year there will be 76) that draw inspiration from Disney classics like Rapunzel and Cinderella, as well as science fiction and action blockbusters. This mixture of fairy-tale and fantastical films was brought to life through the imaginative designs dreamed up by Chopard.

Chopard bracelet made in gold and titanium

Chopard bracelet made in gold and titanium and embellished with a kunzite in the centre, inspired by Rapunzel film

“To add to their uniqueness, each jewel is made in-house in our Swiss workshops by one chosen jeweller,” Scheufele commented at the presentation. As she is a strong believer in individuality, she assigns one of her sketches to a specific person in her design team. This is not only to ensure continuity but also because she believes this approach adds a personal touch to each piece in the collection. By giving each jeweller the freedom to translate and express their creative vision, we can enjoy a more unique and dynamic collection.

chopard   rosc

Let’s first look at some pieces that represent the level of craftsmanship, for example, a black and white diamond bracelet featuring a family of sapphire-blue-eyed dalmatians! Scheufele’s love of man’s best friend is no secret and this is not the first time one has appeared in a Chopard High Jewellery collection (and I very much doubt it will be the last). According to Scheufele, diamonds and dogs truly are a perfect pairing; even her trusty canine companion, Baron was present throughout the presentation. Upon closer inspection of the bracelet, you can see that each of the puppies featured is set with minute diamonds (there are only a handful of setters in the world who are able to work with the stones of this size) and then, once each gemstone is set, the complete dog figures are added one by one to the bracelet. Some of them are even articulated, making them even more lifelike!

Chopard Loves Cinema bracelet

Chopard Loves Cinema bracelet inspired by 101 Dalmatians film

Next on my list of favourites is an Avatar inspired opal necklace. The lush green flora and supernatural blue fauna from this 2009 epic science fiction film inspired Scheufele to create a beaded sautoir for the collection. An impressive kaleidoscopic cabochon opal sits in a frame of Avatar-blue turquoise and Paraiba tourmalines, suspended on strands of emerald beads – a true work of art and feast for the eyes. Just holding the necklace in my hand transported me into protagonists Jake Sully and Neytiri’s fantastical world.

chopaed necklace

The real stars of this collection are not individual jewellery pieces, but the one of a kind, larger than life gemstones they are set with. A juicy 38.88-carat emerald ring was the first to catch my eye. Complemented by half-moon diamonds, this step-cut gemstone shines at the epicentre of an impressive cocktail ring. Following this was a magnificent 60-carat blue sapphire. This heart-shaped whopper of a gem is set in a frame of diamond lace, as the pendant to a beautiful and intricate diamond necklace (are you thinking of Titanic already?). As far as finales go, an 80 carat, pear-shaped champagne diamond, also set into a diamond lace frame, is the epitome of Hollywood drama. Shapely, weighty, and bold in colour, I think this diamond truly deserves a red carpet of its own.

Chopard Jewelry

Happy Moments With Chopard: Three Women Celebrate Their Friendship


Partnership With Chopard

Three childhood friends—Cheyenne Beh, Esmeralda Dyer-Bay and Natalya Wah Idris—finally get the chance to reconnect post-MCO, an occasion made even more special with a little help from Chopard

If these past few months have taught us anything, it is to appreciate the things we used to take for granted, whether it is being able to travel at a moment’s notice, hitting the shops for a spot of retail therapy, or your relationships and friendships. 

The last is especially true for three childhood friends, Cheyenne Beh, Esmeralda Dyer-Bay and Natalya Wah Idris, who, after being only able to speak to one another on virtual platforms, were finally able to catch up face-to-face. The young ladies have chosen to meet at Castra by Colony, a young and hip rooftop glamping site near KLCC.


“Honestly, we just pick up right where we left off—I guess that’s how you know that you’re truly friends,” Beh, 24, says, her two friends beaming along with her. The trio met when they were studying in Garden International School and have remained tight ever since.

“Knowing that we are on the road to recovery, that we can go back to sharing happy moments with our loved ones and go outside, is such a relief,” Dyer-Bay, 25, remarks.

Natalya, 24, adds: “Happiness is being surrounded by the people that you love—your closest friends and family. I think it’s the small moments that I’ve come to appreciate a lot more, such as this moment right now, seeing friends whom I haven’t been able to see in such a long time.”


Realising how much they mean to one another, they also take the opportunity to pen a letter to express their admiration for the other person.

“To me, a real friendship is irreplaceable—it’s my source of strength and happiness,” says Dyer-Bay. “I feel so lucky to have Cheyenne and Natalya, knowing that they will always be in my life, no matter what. And I suppose that is one of the treasures of being able to see our friendship grow over a decade. It’s truly remarkable.”

Happy Moments

The Chopard Happy Hearts collection suits everyone, young and old, but, most importantly, symbolises the most important aspects of our friendship – fun, empowering, and timeless.

The ladies were sporting enough to share a few details of their intimate notes.

Beh admires Dyer-Bay’s candour: “You’re always true to yourself and honest about both your strengths and your flaws.”

Meanwhile, Dyer-Bay compliments Natalya on her ability to make others feel loved and secure. “I think that it takes a truly remarkable person to provide such safe spaces for people to share without fear of judgement and let their guard down.

Natalya loves Beh’s outgoing and loving personality, saying: “I’ve always admired your giving and caring nature, and how you are not afraid to say it as it is!”

Like a feel-good movie, the sharing got the BFFs a little teary-eyed in the end. Dyer-Bay exclaims that she will cherish her letter for life, her friends nodding in agreement. 

“Seeing how thankful they are for these beautiful tokens of our friendship gives me a lot of joy,” says Beh.

Chopard Jewelry

Chopard spies chance to sparkle in latest James Bond movie

femme fatale

It happens every time. James Bond at first finds himself lured into a danger by a femme fatale who later falls for his irresistible charms.

There is no reason to think that the post #timesup storyline of this April’s No Time To Die will deviate much from the winning formula.

Jewellers may be looking out for another story line, however, as both CIA agent Paloma, played by Ana de Armas, dazzles in wristwear from Maison Chopard.

Chopard, along with watchmaker Omega, is an official partner of No Time To Die.

de Armas

Ms de Armas will also be seen wearing three Haute Joaillerie models from Chopard’s Green Carpet Collection: a necklace set with pear-shaped diamonds totalling 43 carats; a bracelet with an 82-carat cascade of pear-shaped and brilliant-cut diamonds; and earrings made from 14 carats of pear-shaped diamonds.

Ana des Armas

Chopard says that Ana des Armas will wear the brand’s jewellery at all red carpet premieres for the movie along with Léa Seydoux (left), another friend of the maison and co-star in Bond’s 25th outing.

Chopard Jewelry

Chopard Debuts the Happy Butterfly X Mariah Carey Collection

The collaboration between luxury jewelry brand Chopard and artist Mariah Carey was first sparked in December 2020 when Caroline Scheufele, Chopard’s co-president and artistic director, presented Carey with the Red Carpet Collection.

The book was filled with Chopard’s high jewelry creations, which resonated with the singer so much that she presented Scheufele with an idea for a design collaboration. 

The resulting Happy Butterfly collection, released on September 16, alludes to Carey’s 1997 album Butterfly, which marked a pivotal step in her music career. 

The butterfly

The butterfly is also a symbol of metamorphosis, paralleling the two women’s journey to success—Carey’s transformative rise through the music industry and Scheufele’s rise to head Chopard. 


Dainty and light, the Happy Butterfly collection features the iconic Happy Diamonds of Chopard jewelry, in which a transparent openworked heart envelops a dancing diamond between two sparkling sapphire crystals. 

The butterflies display four graciously unfurling wings that shimmer in all-over diamond or carnelian pave in a masterfully executed asymmetrical design. 

The stunning collection includes a pendant, bangle, ring, and earrings. The pieces are crafted in ethical rose or white gold, reflecting the two women’s commitment to ethical jewelry and sustainable luxury.


Chopard Jewelry

Naomi Watts Stuns in Dazzling Chopard Jewelry for Diana Film

Chopard Jewelry for Diana

With all of the excitement and interest revolving around the royal family this month, it’s only fitting that Diana, the much-anticipated biopic featuring Naomi Watts as Princess Diana, is set to hit movie theaters this coming September.

The film will certainly add light to the late princess’s fascinating life, and we have no doubt that Watts will sparkle in this unforgettable role as the much-loved royal and mother of Prince William and Prince Harry whose life was tragically ended far too prematurely.

Aside from the Australian actress’ classic beauty and charm, we now know that Watts will also be decorated in stunning pieces of jewelry by none other than Chopard.


As the official jeweler of the film, the celebrity-favorite luxury brand will set the stage for the movie, dressing Watts in dazzling diamonds and ornate earrings to perfectly capture the elegance of Princess Di.


Curious to see the gorgeous bling well before the flick hits the big screen? Here’s what we know:

Chopard has worked closely with Julian Day, the film’s costume designer, to select stunning pieces that accurately reflect Diana’s magnificent jewelry collection, but also paid tribute to her personal style and extraordinary taste. 

The final pieces selected for the film include a white diamond necklace set in platinum, grey cultured pearl drop earrings set in white diamond pave and 18-karat white gold, a brilliant-cut white diamond face watch featuring a black satin strap, floating diamond earrings and much, much more. Several of the chosen pretty pieces were from the Happy Diamonds collection, to capture the spirit and personality of the charming royal.

“From the first reading of the Diana script, I realized that I was going to need magnificent jewelry. When the opportunity arose to work with Chopard, I knew that this was going to be possible,” Day explained in a release of the perfect partnership.

One thing’s for sure: It’s destined to be a glittering film fest for sure!

chopard jewelry

Be sure to look out for ostentatious earrings throughout the film, as Diana was particularly fond of styles that suited her iconic haircut.

Possibly the most memorable pair seen on film? A dazzling pair of oval sapphires set with diamonds, echoing the same gems found in her famous engagement ring.

A red carpet favorite, Chopard has won over countless A-list fans and has also been featured in numerous other films including Elizabeth: The Golden AgeNine and Midnight in Paris.


Chopard Jewelry

Chopard jewels at Mercat del Diamant, Andorra’s luxury jeweler

Chopard jewels

Chopard’s team of expert artisans builds upon two of this fine jewelry brand’s central pillars, creativity and independence. This allows them the freedom to create masterpieces of superior quality in their Geneva-based workshops while bequeathing the company’s traditional skill and knowledge from one master craftsman to another. Chopard’s determined and steadfast drive to support innovation pushes this House of Jewelry to reinvent the Swiss watchmaking and jewelry traditions.

Chopard: High Jewelry at its finest

Widely-recognized and praised savoir-faire

From a very early age Louis-Ulysse Chopard was passionate about watchmaking and gold smithing, which led him to create his first workshop. His skill and knowledge in the field garnered him international recognition.

Happy Diamonds

The House of Chopard flourished anew when the Scheufele family of German jewelers took over the company. Thanks to this new impetus, Chopard became highly sought-after in the field of watchmaking and jewelry.

Chopard: Pioneers in luxury

Chopard’s jewelry collections echo the sophisticated techniques used by goldsmiths and master jewelers. Their creations use the very finest artisanal techniques. The pieces draw us into a world of luxury, where we discover pieces of rare beauty created by hands whose talent is unrivalled and whose masterpieces preserve a well-guarded savoir-faire.

Chopard: Emblematic collections

Happy Diamonds

In 1976, Caroline Scheufele introduced a new and revolutionary concept to its jewelry collections with Happy Diamonds.

Her creativity and vision allowed her to develop an innovative feature that had never been used before – floating diamonds between two transparent sapphire watch crystals mounted in a gold case. This allows the diamonds to swirl delicately like an enchanting, hypnotic spinning top. This feature paved the way for countless collections such as the Happy Hearts and Happy Dreams collections. Watches showcasing this feature are timeless and never go out of style.


Impériale Collection

Once again, Chopard’s inexhaustible talents surprise us with this collection, which was inspired by the onion domes and palaces of Russian Orthodox churches. The Imperial Collection makes reference to the Slavic Arts by reinterpreting these sensual and dreamlike forms. The powerful color of amethyst paired with diamonds, rubies and emeralds result in masterpieces of exceptional beauty.

Chopard Jewelry

All About Chopard Jewelry

Introduction To Chopard


For several generations, Chopard has offered high-end jewelry brought to life by the sophisticated craftsmanship of expert artisans. Inspired by a passion for beauty and life, Chopard designs luxurious pieces crafted from quality materials, ethically sourced from Peru and Colombia. Each piece of jewelry embodies a seamless blend of traditional and contemporary design. Chopard creates timeless, radiant jewelry. Find your family’s next heirloom at Weston Jewelers. 


Popular Chopard Jewelry Styles

“Joi de Vivre” is a philosophy integral to the brand’s identity. Finding joy in every interaction, the pieces showcase an exuberant personality and a breath of fresh air. Heart pendants in the Happy Diamonds line are made to appear even more enjoyable and aesthetically pleasing with the addition of Chopard’s iconic dancing diamonds. Irresistibly buoyant, dancing diamonds are placed between two sapphire crystals where they have space to twirl with every movement. As you can see, it’s easy to find joy while wearing any Chopard piece of jewelry. 


Popular Chopard Jewelry Gifts

If there’s a woman in your life that means the world to you, a gift from the heart can say more than words alone. Let her wear your heart on her sleeve with a heart charm bracelet from Chopard, featuring vibrant hues of ruby red or demure blush pink. Both sophisticated and modern, Chopard watches make an excellent gift for celebrating important milestones. Embrace your own “Joi de Vivre” and discover a gift for yourself from symbolic charms, such as clovers and hamsa signs, to delicate engravings and colored gemstones. Find a piece that exudes your own unique energy. 


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Chopard Jewelry

Chopard’S New Addition To Happy Diamonds: The Happy Emotions Collection

Chopard emblematic

Chopard’s emblematic Happy Diamonds jewellery line offers a new interpretation of its joyful, twirling world through collection of pure, refined, feminine and timeless creations.

She’s a woman who is comfortable with her sensuality. A free and independent spirit who likes to wear pieces that are both discreet and remarkable. The infinite purity of Happy Emotions jewellery echoes her subtly sophisticated allure. These round and sparkling creations evoke the brightness of stars suffusing their surroundings with a radiant glow. They are interpreted as rings, pendants and earrings. Three or five moving diamonds, depending on the size of the model, whirl gaily beneath a glass disc framed by a white or rose gold ellipse. This spiral of precious metal, either set with diamonds or simply polished, wraps itself amorously around the capsule holding the perpetually scintillating, dancing “captives”. Paying vibrant tribute to light and to voluptuous charm, the latest additions to the legendary Happy Diamonds collection evoke sheer desire as they sparkle against soft skin, irresistibly drawing the gaze exactly like stars scintillating against the night sky.

Chopard Happy Emotions Specifications

Each year, Chopard unveils its Red Carpet Collection, a selection of Haute Joaillerie creations developed from the union of its limitless imagination and its unmatched jewellery mastery, as a result of its official collaboration with the Cannes Film Festival. 

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